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Ciudad Morazán, unofficially known as Bootstrap City is a special economic zone (ZEDE) near Honduras' San Pedro Sula, offers an unbeatable cost of living, tax advantages, and economic freedom for both locals and digital nomads, making it the ideal place to bootstrap your business, family, and life.

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About Bootstrap City

Experience the City's Modern Foundations

With plans to invest $150 million for an expansion that aims to accommodate 15,000 residents in the coming years, pending successful negotiations with the government, Bootstrap City stands as one of the world's most autonomous zones, with its own tax system, civil laws, business codes, and police force. Despite challenges to the ZEDE regime by the current administration, the city has excelled in creating an appealing environment for its residents and visitors, solidifying its reputation as a pioneering private city.


What you get with Bootstrap City

Discover the benefits of choosing Bootstrap City as your business destination.

Ideal Location

Located in the central timezone and less than 3 hours from the US, Mexico, and other major economies.

Favorable Business Climate

Bootstrap City's business regulations are so simple and efficient that they can be read in a single afternoon!

Favorable Tax System

The only tax is a 5% territorial income tax. There is no VAT, distributions, or import or export tax.

Growth Potential

$150m+ will be invested in Bootstrap City over the next 5 years to 100x its population to 15,000 people if all goes as planned.

Cryptocurrency Friendly

Every major business in Bootstrap City accepts crypto, including landlords, utility companies, and mini-marts, which removes the cost of dealing with local currency, bank transfers, and other FX headaches.

Community Trust

Thanks to its private police force, just legal system, and good incentives, Bootstrap City is one of the few high-trust places in an otherwise low-trust country.


Morazán ZEDE has the ability to create legal entities. These companies are not for everyone. Banking and payment rails are very limited currently. However, for those that don't need legacy financial rails, Morazán is probably the most affordable international destination to incorporate in. Common use cases are crypto companies (exchange accounts have been opened), software companies (Morazán companies have been able to get app store access), and holding companies. Interested? Check out our offerings below:


per year
  • Registered Agent
  • LLC or Corporation


per year
  • Basic Plan Features
  • 30 Minute Legal Consult


per year
  • Basic Plan Features
  • 90 Minute Legal Consult
  • Nominee Services


Step 1: Get government authorization to form a ZEDE

Step 2: Invest $12 million in building infrastructure and 4000 sq m. in commercial and residential real estate

Step 3: Achieve the first major milestone of 100 residents

Step 4: Get government guarantees so that the additional $150m+ in planned investments can be deployed.

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The blog is your go-to guide for all things Bootstrap City. Dive in and discover the city's vibe, lifestyle, and unique opportunities. Explore, learn, and get the most out of your Bootstrap City experience!



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Frequently Asked Questions

Explore the following questions to get a deeper understanding of Bootstrap City and find answers to common inquiries.

What type of people live in Bootstrap City

Residents from Bootstrap City come from all walks of life. There are call center workers, small business owners, policemen and many more. ln terms of nationalities, Bootstrap City's population is 95%+ Honduran.

What types of businesses thrive in Bootstrap City?

Bootstrap City is not well connected to the legacy financial system. As a result, most businesses in Bootstrap City are crypto-friendly companies, holding companies, or physical Honduran businesses.

Do I need to visit Bootstrap City in person to incorporate my business?

No, you do not need to visit in person to incorporate your business in Bootstrap City. We offer convenient online incorporation services.

Is Bootstrap City a safe and secure business environment?

Yes, Bootstrap City is a high trust environment, with a great legal system, and higher safety than most developed countries!

Does Ciudad Morazán have a resident fee?

No. The residency fee for Morazán is rent. Currently a 60m2 apartment rents for 3000 HN and commercial space for $3 a m2.

What's the difference between Ciudad Morazán and Bootstrap City

Bootstrap City is a rebranding of Morazán that in our opinion better captures the energy, essence and experience of of the project so that it can be marketed for the world


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